The following is my publication list (last updated February 2016). To see citations, please visit my Google Scholar page.

Journal and Magazine Publications

Kirkham R., Webster M., Chen K-L. & Vines J. (2016) Using Disability Law to expand Academic Freedom for Disabled Researchers in the United Kingdom. To appear in the Journal of Historical Sociology.

Kirkham R. , Bartindale T., Evans, M. & Olivier P. (2015) Build Me a Ubicomp: Bespoke Ubiquitous Accessibility in Live Television Production Environments. In Personal and Ubiqutious Computing, 19(5) pp 853-880.

Kirkham R. (2015) Can Disability Discrimination Law Expand the Availability of Wearable Computers? In IEEE Computer, 48(6), pp 25-33.

Kirkham R. & Greenhalgh, C. (2015) Social Access vs. Privacy in Wearable Computing. In IEEE Pervasive Computing, 14 (1), pp 26-33.

Conference Publications (Paper Track)

Kirkham R., Shepherd C. & Plotz T. (2015) BlobSnake: Gamification of Feature Extraction for ‘Plug and Play’Human Activity Recognition. In Proceedings of the British HCI Conference 2015, pp 74-81.

Kirkham R., Vines J & Olivier P (2015) Being Reasonable: A Manifesto for Improving the Inclusion of Disabled People in SIGCHI Conferences. In Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp 601-612.

Kirkham R. et al. (2013) The Breaktime Barometer: An Exploratory System for Workplace Breaktime Social Awareness. In Proceedings of the 2013 ACM international joint conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, pp 73-82.

Hammerla N., Kirkham R., Andras P. & Plotz T. (2013) On Preserving Statistical Characteristics of Accelerometry Data using their Empirical Cumulative Distribution. In Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Wearable Computers, pp 65-68.

Workshop Publications, Invited Talks and Presentations

Kirkham R. (2015) Exploring the Implications of Disability Discrimination Law for Research Approval Procedures. In CHI 2015 Workshop on Ethical Encounters in HCI.

Kirkham R. (2015) BlobSnake: Gamification of Feature Selection for Human Activity Recognition. In CHI 2015 Workshop on Gameification Research.

Kirkham R., Khan A., Bhattachryra S., Hammerla N., Mellor S., Roggen D. & Plotz, T. (2013) Automatic Correction of Annotation Boundaries in Activity Datasets by Class Separation Maximization. In Ubicomp 2013 Workshop Proceedings (HASCA 2013)

Kirkham R. (2014) Forays into Disability Discrimination Legislation and Wearable Computing. ISWC 2014 Doctoral Consortium

Kirkham R., Roggen D., Plotz T. & Olivier P. (2013) Disability Law as a Driver for Innovation and Social Responsibility in Ubiquitous Computing. To appear in the Digital Economy Conference 2013 (Salford, UK)

Kirkham R. (2014) Using Human Activity Recognition as Evidence of Mental Capacity. At E-health: Grand challenges and Legal Concerns.

Kirkham R. (2014) The Challenges of Human Activity Recognition as Evidence. At Gikii 2014.